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Denver Insurance Claims Attorney

Helping Workers Deal with Colorado Workers' Comp Insurers

Filing for workers' compensation benefits appears to be pretty straightforward. Employees who are injured at work are entitled to medical benefits and, in some cases, monetary compensation and wage replacement without proving any fault by their employers.

Yet, even though the process is non-adversarial and seems relatively clear cut, insurance companies routinely deny legitimate claims. Why? Insurance companies are not working for you. In fact, their clear commitment is to protecting their bottom lines by minimizing their financial obligations to injured workers.

Since 1993, the Law Firm of Janice M. Greening, LLC has handled more than 3,000 injury, disability and workers' compensation claims. We know how to work with insurance companies and are committed to protecting the rights of injured workers.

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More than 3,000 Injury and Disability Cases
Workers' Compensation Lawyer and Former Registered Nurse

When you're hurt and out of work, a denied claim can feel devastating, but you do have legal options.

For nearly 20 years, personal injury attorney Janice Greening has been helping people respond to delays and denials of workers' compensation claims. Insurance companies take us seriously knowing we prepare every case to be successful at an administrative hearing or appeal — even when we're still in negotiation with the insurance company.

Before becoming an attorney, Attorney Greening was a registered nurse. She knows how to interpret complex medical terminology and works closely with clients' doctors to demonstrate their medical conditions — evidence required to file successful claims for medical benefits, disability payments, and wage replacement.

She has also worked as an insurance defense lawyer. She has a clear understanding of the tactics insurance companies use to deny or delay coverage — including signs of insurance bad faith. She cuts through insurance companies' bureaucratic procedures with her detailed approach, and she knows exactly what evidence is required to demonstrate that the injury or illness is work-related, that you qualify for coverage, and the extent of the workers' compensation benefits you should qualify for.

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