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Electronic medical records increase risk of workplace injury

  • 10
  • December

Electronic medical records may contribute to an increase in workplace injuries in the healthcare industry, according to researchers at Cornell University. The increased use of electronic medical records and other digital technologies has led to more healthcare workers suffering repetitive strain injuries.

Many repetitive strain injuries are caused by improper use of computer devices and poor office layouts, according to the researchers. The university reported that many hospitals are using new technology without considering the potential injuries healthcare workers may suffer. The researchers said that hospitals need to consider ergonomic design for computer workplaces to help prevent repetitive strain injuries.

OSHA may start to enforce safety standards for flight attendants

  • 04
  • December

The Federal Aviation Administration is calling for a new policy with OSHA to improve workplace safety for flight attendants in the U.S. The FAA has proposed that OSHA should be able to enforce occupational safety and health standards that are not covered by the FAA aviation safety regulations.

Under the new proposal, flight attendants would be able to report workplace injuries and illnesses to OSHA for investigations and compliance issues, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said. Other supporters of the proposal said that the policy will improve the health and safety of America's flight attendants and will also improve the flying experience of airline passengers.

Two construction workers killed after vehicle loses control

  • 28
  • November

A fatal car accident killed two construction workers in Colorado while they were working under the C-470 bridge. The Colorado State Patrol is investigating to see if mechanical failures caused the accident.

The accident occurred when a vehicle exited westbound C-470 onto Broadway. The driver lost control of his vehicle and drove into a grassy area between C-470 and an exit ramp. The vehicle then rolled off the embankment and fatally struck two construction workers.

Sharps devices help reduce risk of needle injury to nurses

  • 20
  • November

Nurses in Colorado face a multitude of injuries when they work. One risk of injury that is not discussed very often is the risk needles pose to nurses. Technology has helped reduce the number of injuries caused by needles but nurse safety advocates say improvement is still needed.

Before any safety laws were passed on needlestick injuries and prevention for nurses, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 384,000 sharps-related injuries occurred every year among health care workers.

One in five fatal work accidents caused by workplace violence

  • 15
  • November

Workplace violence may seem more dangerous to employees after the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that one in five fatal work injuries were caused by workplace violence.

With the increase in workplace violence, how does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration define workplace violence? OSHA describes workplace violence as violence or the threat of violence against workers that occurs at work or outside the workplace. Workplace violence are threats, verbal abuse, physical assaults and homicide.

Colorado workers at risk for cold stress injuries and illnesses

  • 06
  • November

Workers in Colorado face many safety risks throughout the year but one of the most dangerous threats to some Colorado workers happens during the winter. While there are several causes of workplace accidents and injuries, those who work in colder environments face an increased risk of cold stress.

Many workers may have suffered health issues caused by cold stress without knowing it. Working in colder environments can create a dangerous situation for those who work outside or in poorly insulated areas, especially during the winter months.

New safety measures needed to prevent serious workplace injuries

  • 30
  • October

Serious workplace injuries and fatalities remain a constant threat to U.S. workers. Recent reports indicate a decrease in occupational injury rates yet serious and fatal work injuries have not improved.

Studies have shown that workplace fatalities and serious injuries are not caused by the same factors that cause less serious workplace injuries. Statistics have shown that workplace fatalities are not declining at the same rate that workplace injuries have.

Federal workers face higher risk of workplace violence

  • 23
  • October

When Americans think of the most dangerous jobs in our country, many think of fisherman, construction workers, coal miners, police officers and firefighters. While these jobs do pose more hazardous risks, reports show that federal occupations may be one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S.

Government jobs can be hazardous in many different ways. Violence or threats in the workplace occur more often in federal offices or workplaces. Federal employees are more at risk for workplace accidents and injuries depending on the risks associated with each job.

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