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A fatal car accident killed two construction workers in Colorado while they were working under the C-470 bridge. The Colorado State Patrol is investigating to see if mechanical failures caused the accident.

The accident occurred when a vehicle exited westbound C-470 onto Broadway. The driver lost control of his vehicle and drove into a grassy area between C-470 and an exit ramp. The vehicle then rolled off the embankment and fatally struck two construction workers.

Police are still investigating to see why the driver lost control of his vehicle. He is currently facing two counts of careless driving causing death. Police said the charges may be "rescinded" depending on the findings of the investigation and if mechanical errors were involved in the causing the accident. Mechanical inspections are a standard part of fatal accident investigations, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

The construction workers were working on a $5.1 million project to widen South Broadway between Dad Clark Drive and County Line Road by expanding the concrete slope paving beneath the C-470 bridges. The project is supposed to reduce congestion and improve traffic.

This tragic accident shows the dangers construction workers face while working on road projects. Negligent drivers, unsafe road conditions and even mechanical errors put construction workers at risk for serious and fatal injuries if they are involved in an accident.

Colorado construction workers should be aware of the risks they face and understand how the state's workers' compensation system works if they are injured in a work accident. It is best to consult a workers' compensation attorney to discuss individual cases and understand the rights provided for all workers under Colorado's workers' compensation laws.

Source: Our Colorado News, "Fatal crash kills two construction workers," Ryan Boldrey, Nov. 20, 2012

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